Cookie Information

Below you will find an explanation of cookies that we use. Cookies are data that are stored in the browser of your terminal device and transmitted to us each time you visit our website.

Cookies can basically be classified as follows:

  • "Necessary cookies" are cookies that are technically necessary for basic website functions to be usable (e.g. login).
  • "Preference cookie" are cookies that store information about users' settings or preferences and affect how the website looks or behaves (e.g. preferred language, region, set sorts/filters in a table).
  • "Statistics cookies" are cookies used to collect how visitors use the website and which end devices they use in order to align the website accordingly (e.g. create more content type that users often click, optimization of page display for certain end devices). The analysis is anonymous or pseudonymous, i.e. without linking the data with e.g. name, e-mail or address.
  • "Marketing cookies" are cookies used to record and evaluate visitor behavior and the end devices used in order to adapt the website offering, marketing measures or advertising to the individual interests or behavior of the respective visitor.

"First Party Cookies" refers to cookies that are set by the domain that is displayed in the URL line of your browser. "Third Party Cookies", on the other hand, are set by other domains. "Session" hereinafter means a browser session.

We only use technically necessary cookies. You can find these explained below.

Any processing of personal data associated with cookies is described in the privacy poliy.

Cookie nameUse PurposeContentClassLifetimeType
PHP Session ID, starting with "SSESS..."Session management for logged in usersRandom ID (session ID)Necessary cookieUntil the end of the browser sessionFirst Party
searchMode, searchMode-previous, viewModeStorage of display settings (filter mode, preview mode)Selected display modeNecessary cookieUntil the end of the browser sessionLocal Storage
(if chat is activated server sided) AWESALB, AWSALB, AWSALBCORProvision of ChatChat IDNecessary cookie max 7 dayssendinblue cookie
(if chat is activated server sided) sendinblue Provision of Chat Chat Content Necessary cookie max 7 days Local Storage / Session Storage