About us

matterius is a searchable directory of legal matters handled by specialized business lawyers, i.e., a search engine to find lawyers based on their experience.

Our vision: improved transparency and efficiency for the B2B legal services market through an objective, validated, and publicly accessible database.

Business lawyers publish their matters, cases, and experience on matterius and can also opt to have these confirmed by their clients. They can then be found on the basis of their expertise via a comprehensive search function.

matterius matches lawyers and their concrete experience with suitable companies and their specific challenges. We help lawyers to showcase and demonstrate their expertise and to find the right clients, colleagues or applicants.

matterius is an independent company based in Munich and hosted in Germany. Confidentiality, security, and data protection are our top priorities. Our founder is a business lawyer specializing in IT and data protection law.

Although matterius is designed for business lawyers working in all legal fields, we will be focusing on IT, IP, and competition law in particular during our current startup phase.

matterius is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. We do not provide lawyer or law firm rankings, and we are not a professional publisher.

matterius perceives itself as a platform that makes the expertise of business lawyers transparent, verifiable, and findable.

Dr. Thomas Helbing
IT & Privacy Lawyer
Founder of matterius


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