136,959 USD is the average B2B Customer Lifetime Value*.

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Set up your profile page including your professional focus  
Get found via matterius’ search function
Show matters as “confirmed by client”-
Publish client feedback-
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Integrate your matter list into your own website  -
Termunlimitedannually or monthly
Feesfree34 €/month (annual payment)
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Each membership is a personal membership for a specific lawyer. If you would like to use matterius for all lawyers in your law firm, contact us.

All prices are net plus VAT, if any.

Your Premium membership automatically renews monthly or annually. If terminated, it becomes a free Basic membership.

Premium membership can be activated by entering a voucher code (upon registration or on your Basic profile).

Voucher code is sold and invoiced by Digistore24 GmbH. You receive the code after payment at Digistore24 GmbH (referred to as "license key" there).

All prices are net plus VAT, if any.

(*) Average B2B customer lifetime value for business operations consulting services firms in San Francisco/USA (FirstPageSage, 2020, n = 200 clients).